Multiple Sclerosis: Awareness


Multiple Sclerosis: a chronic, often disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system (CNS), which is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves. Symptoms may be mild, such as numbness in the limbs, or severe, such as paralysis or loss of vision. The progress, severity, and specific symptoms of MS are unpredictable and vary from one person to another. Today, new treatments and advances in research are giving new hope to people affected by the disease. 

I have a personal reason for raising awareness of this disease. My mom was diagnosed with this disease in 2005, at only 39 years old. At the moment there is no cure. I write this in hopes of raising awareness of this terrible disease. Often times diseases, like cancer, get most of the attention. This is well deserved, however, these types of more well-known diseases often eclipse other diseases that are just as important. I have included some links to some great websites about Multiple Sclerosis. I hope you take the time to check them out. I also invite you to share your stories with me if you have a family member with Multiple Sclerosis or if you have it yourself. I am always looking for inspiring stories to inspire our family and my mother, above all. Thanks for your time! Pray for a Cure!!


National MS Society

Find a Local MS Chapter

Multiple Sclerosis Community



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