I’m Fine….Really, I’m Fine….Really, Really FINE!

**I originally posted this on October 17, 2011. I think this post still holds so much truth. I often wonder, how many people actually tell you the truth when you ask them how they are doing? I also wonder, how many people that ask the question really want to know how that person is doing? I always feel like I don’t want to stress people out with my life so I always say “I’m fine.”

FineWritten June 21, 2011


“The average person tells 4 lies a day, 1460 a year, or a total of 88,000 by the age of 60. And the most common lie is: “I’m Fine.”  – Anonymous

“No matter how hard we try to ignore it or deny it, eventually the lies fall away, whether we like it or not. But here is the truth about truth, it hurts. So we lie.” – Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy

“If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.” – Mark Twain

It’s been a week since the divorce and I must say I got it down pretty good. This is how it goes:

“Lana, how are you feeling?”

“I’m fine,” pause for dramatic effect then smile.

That’s how it goes because believe me people really don’t want to hear how I am REALLY feeling. So I’ll say it here, in my own personal journal. Here goes nothing….. 🙂

We’ve all been there. You nicely ask “how are you,” however, you quietly hope that they will say “fine,” and move on because 1) you either don’t care or 2) you don’t have time to listen. I mean, let’s be honest, do you really want to hear “I’m great except for this zit I have on my back that is infected from my shirt rubbing against it all day,”???  Yeah, not so much!

Honestly, how I feel and what I am thinking changes by the minute, sometimes by the second. For example, just writing this short amount I have gone from hating men, loving the idea of having a man again one day, swearing off men, and I want pizza! No, I don’t! He loved pizza. So what? I can still eat pizza! Men suck! Ooo, but he’s cute! ……………………………blah……….blah……………blah…………………………and I’m not kidding! Do you really want to hear that from me? How about this? I’m afraid I am going to have to pick a corner and start working so I can pay my bills. (FYI, family and friends BIG JOKE there!)

Bottom line, I think all this is normal and I think my mind will eventually quiet down. At this point, I would be afraid to ask me how I am feeling because there is no telling what you will get for a response. Just a fair warning. If you are going to ask, set some boundaries.


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