LONG Mommy Day…….

Like a boss

Being a mom (or parent) is exhausting.  HAHAHA!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Exhausting is an understatement. Can I get an “AMEN?” In fact, as I sit here writing this I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee and it is only 7:45 am. I’m feeling a little like a zombie or Mombie as the term is sometimes used. Let me tell you about my day yesterday and that will explain why my rear end is dragging a little more than normal this morning…….zzzzzzzzzzz

Oops, sorry. I dozed off there for a minute. Here we go……

Yesterday (Thursday) started off like a normal day for us since my oldest started pre-k. I woke up about 5:45 and started getting myself ready. I remember thinking to myself that I heard my oldest sneezing and coughing a bit during the night, but he has allergies like me (lucky boy) so I didn’t think much of it. I got both my boys up at 6:15 and got them fed, dressed, teeth brushed, etc…..and we were out the door by 7:15. I got Nikola to school by 7:45 and then Sagan and I headed to get groceries. We went to HEB and Wal-Mart because the grocery stores can’t seem to get it together to make it easier on parents and have the same things! HA! So I had to go to both to get everything on our list. Then we headed home, I got the groceries unloaded and put up just in time to leave at 10:45 to go pick up Nikola.

11:15 am

I pick up Nikola from school, thinking “Yay! We get to go home and stay this afternoon. No errands!”


I notice that Nikola has a rash on both cheeks. I look closer and I notice the rash is all over his belly, back arms, legs…..he is literally covered from head to toe. I talk to his teacher and it doesn’t sound like he ate or got into anything different so I take him to the nurse and she takes his temperature. 99.4. So it is a low-grade fever. She tells me that I need to take him to the doctor because he will need a note saying if he can come back to school or not for Friday. Ok, easy enough, right?


I call his pediatrician once I get to the truck. He can’t get me in today. Ok, not too big a deal. I know a walk-in clinic that I have used before so I start driving that way. I get there and they are closed for lunch from 12-1, which they are usually open during lunch so I was a little confused.

12:15 pm

I pick up chicken nuggets for the boys because they are getting hungry. We run to their Dad’s work because he wants to see the rash. Then we head back to the clinic so we can be there right at 1:00 to get into see the doctor ASAP. We get there and the receptionist tells me that she doesn’t have anything available because she is limited on staff. Great! Now what? She tells me that both of our Wal-Marts have clinics and gives me the names of two other clinics. I decide to go to the Wal-Mart that was down the street.

1:25 pm

The boys are hot (it is 101 degrees) and tired from being up early and running all over the place. We get into Wal-Mart and the clinic is closed until 2:30. I am not sitting here, fighting with my tired grumpy boys until 2:30. I hop in the truck and head to our second Wal-Mart.

1:50 pm

We get to second Wal-Mart and the boys are even more tired and hot. We get inside to find that the clinic isn’t even open anymore! Great! 😦 😦 I find phone numbers for the names of the clinics that she gave me. I call the first one and they can get me in at 2:15. AMEN!!

Let’s load back up for like the billionth time!

2:10 pm

Get to the clinic. Both boys are getting to their breaking points.

2:25 pm 

Finally get into a room.

2:38 pm

I start smelling something funky from my 2-year-old. I start praying that we get out of there very, very soon!

2:43 pm

Nikola tests positive for STREP THROAT! Apparently, you don’t have to run a high fever with strep and strep can present itself early with a rash. Ok. Good to know. I will note that in the Mommy Notebook for future reference.

2:54 pm

Sagan is starting to smell really, really bad and the diaper bag is in the truck.

3:02 pm

I finally paid and got Nikola buckled into his seat. I finally got to see the damage Sagan did. Yep. Full blow out! Poop up the back, down the legs. So I strip him down and I think this can’t get any worse. Yeah. Don’t ever say that! I then find that my wet wipes are dried out. GRRRRRRRR. So I have to use about 20 of them to get the poop off of him. Then I remember I have my water cup and I pour a little on them to completely finish up cleaning him. I put Sagan in his seat and he commences meltdown at about 50% full force. Ok. I can listen to that for a few minutes. Surely he will calm himself down once I start driving and maybe take a small nap while I pick up Nikola’s Amoxicillin at HEB.

3:20 pm

Waiting in the drive-through lane at HEB. Sagan’s meltdown is now at about 75%.

3:29 pm

I finally make it up to the window. Sagan is at 100% full-blown meltdown at this point. He starts screaming “GO!” at the top of his lungs. I can barely hear the lady.

3:36 pm

Paid and picked up medicine. Finally heading home.

3:44 pm

We made it home. I get the boys out. Give Nikola his medicine and start cooking dinner and soaking Sagan’s clothes from the blowout.

5:17 pm

Dinner is done. Boys are fed. Boys are bathed. Boys are in their pajamas.

5:45 pm

Counting down to bedtime…………and in case anyone wasn’t keeping count, I went to Wal-Mart 3 times today and HEB 2 times. I also went to 4 different clinics.

I feel exhausted all over again just thinking about yesterday. To top it all off, since the boys have gotten used to getting up early for school this week they decide to rise and shine at 6:15 this morning! Hence, the three cups of coffee. 🙂

WISH ME LUCK!!!! And to all my fellow Tired Mamas out there, “May the odds be ever in your favor. May your coffee be strong and may there be lots of chocolate.” 🙂 🙂 


“Mothers don’t sleep. They just worry with their eyes closed.” -Unknown



  1. That’s totally mum life right? Illness, poop and yes, multiple shopping trips as no one shop stocks everything. I have an allergy kid so have to shop around for his stuff lol! Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS we do hope you can join us again next time! Kate x

    Liked by 1 person

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