Mom Fail! Please, tell me I’m not alone. 😕😳😢


“The motto of a truly heroic mother: Hang in there, try, fight, fail, rise up and fight again, and win.” -Reed B. Markham

“There are so many times you will feel you have failed, but in the eyes, heart, and mind of your child, you are supermom.” -Stephanie Precourt

In September of last year, my oldest son had his first trip to the ER. He was only three years old. It was about 8:00 am on a Sunday morning. I was sitting in my living room, drinking my coffee when I heard this horrible POP and then Nikola screamed like I have never heard him scream before. I immediately started to smell a burning smell. I ran into our sunroom/playroom and my heart stopped. Nikola was standing by an electrical outlet with burns on his hands and tops of his feet. 

Earlier that morning, I had given him some pipe cleaners to play with. We had been practicing making shapes and letters out of them. I usually have plugs protectors in all the outlets, but I had just put up lights on the columns between our living room and sunroom/playroom for Fall. Nikola had decided to stick the pipe cleaner into the end of the light plug (the connector where you can plug in other lights). It had burned the pipe cleaner into his hands, fingers tips, and the dropped pieces burned the tops of his feet. Needless to say, this made me feel like a huge FAILURE. We took him to the ER to get his burns cleaned and checked. We also wanted them to monitor his heart to make sure the electrical shock didn’t hurt him.

Every time I had to write down what happened or tell the story, I felt so embarrassed. I swear, I thought someone was going to try to take him from me because I had messed up so horribly. They cleaned up his burns, gave him some medicine for the pain, and monitored his heart rate. We got home a few hours later and I just let him sleep in my lap for most of the day.

To this day, almost a year later, I still feel such guilt over this. This just serves as a reminder that no matter how much you love your children you can’t always shield them from pain. I had already had conversations with Nikola about not messing with the outlets. I remember buying all the protectors and when I put them in all the outlets I explained to him why I was doing what I was doing. He knew better, but curiosity got the best of him. Sometimes our kids have to learn the hard way. I am so grateful that he wasn’t hurt worse than he was, but he definitely learned a lesson that day and he hasn’t touched a plug since!

Sometimes we all have to learn the hard way. Sometimes the warnings of their parents aren’t enough to keep them from doing what they want to do. Sometimes we have to teach our children, by stepping back and just letting them learn. I learned from this experience too. I now put the plug protectors on the lights too.

Please, tell me I am not alone. My nerves are kicking in just by writing this post. I am so afraid of being judged. I’m not perfect. But I damn sure love my kids.


never quit



  1. I appreciate your honesty. You’re not alone. We never want to put our children in harms way. Unfortunately, life happens and our children get hurt. Every parent’s example may be different, but we have experienced guilt for something involving our children. Here’s to a better future!

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    • Yes, ma’am. Part of the reason I wrote this was because I was still dealing with so much guilt, but I also wanted other parents to see that we are not alone. Sometimes things happen to our children and it isn’t because we are bad parents. I do remember that I honestly felt like I was being judged that day every time I had to explain how he got hurt. I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  2. You are not alone! Parents are making mistakes everyday! You are so brave to put your story out there for other parents to read.
    Yes, there are always people who judge you, but that is there problem not yours. In truth, there is nothing bad in making a mistake! It becomes bad when you don’t learn for the mistake. I am sure you will never make this mistake again, because of what you learned. This is for all mistakes, not just parenting mistakes.

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    • Thank you for taking the time to comment on this post. This was hard for me to write, but I think we have to share the difficult parts of our lives to remind ourself and others that we aren’t alone. When people start feeling alone, that is when we allow darkness to come into our lives. Knowledge is power. 🙂


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