Proud Mama Moment :)

giving to others

October 26, 2017 

Nikola has such a heart of gold and I pray he never loses it. I hope this story of my morning touches you the way it did me. 

So this morning, I’m in the kitchen throwing dinner in the crockpot while simultaneously playing with Nikola. “Mama, can I have some money?”

“Why, kiddo?”

“Pretend money, Mama.”

So I hand him some “money.” He precedes to toss the “money” into the air.

“More, please.”

I handed him some more “money,” and he tossed it again. This went on a couple of more times. I had to ask.

“I know this is pretend money, but, dude, why are you tossing it all away?”

“Mama, some peoples might need it more.”


“Yes. Not all peoples have money, Mama. We share.”

<insert big, proud Mama tears>

Word, kid. Word. 😍




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