September: National Suicide Prevention Month


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Recently, I wrote a post about my personal attempt at suicide when I was 15 years old. I was humbled by the responses. I had many people reach out to me and tell me their stories or invite me to their blogs to learn about their struggles with mental health. This inspired me to create a list of bloggers that have personal experience with mental health and they want to share their stories and bloggers that have coping mechanisms that help them and they want to share them with you to help you in your time of need. Whether you are going through depression right now, deep down the whole of OCD, dealing with an eating disorder, already on the side of recovery and light… matter where you are on your path of mental illness, I pray you find what you need here. Help is the answer. The longer you stay quiet, stay in the darkness, the harder it is to dig yourself out. Seek the light. You are loved. You are not alone. 

With prayer, faith, hope, and lots of love I would like to introduce you to my friends. 🙂


Amy X has been fighting depression and anxiety for the past six years. She had come to a place in her life where she felt like she had control of her mental health, but a recent situation sent her back into the madness of depression and anxiety. Her usually rock was no longer there to help her through so she had to find new ways to cope. Her recent blog post shares ideas on ways to cope or distract yourself. If you are looking for ways to decompress or fight your way back into the light, please, check out Amy’s post.

Asphodel Moon: Amy X


Chloe Elizabeth is a 21-year-old college graduate with a degree in psychology. She lives in the UK. Her battle with anxiety and depression began in college, to the point where she was struggling to get out of bed. She didn’t have much luck with anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication on their own, but a combination of anti-anxiety medication and counseling was very helpful for her battle with mental health. Let her story inspire you to keep on living and to find what works for you. Never give up. Chloe is very inspiring and I hope you check out her blog and post about dealing with mental health while attending college.



Sonja is a stay at home mom to two little ones. Sonja’s blog is full of easy to read, fun stories, that make you nod your head in agreement as you read along. I find myself wanting to be best buddies with her when I read her posts. I feel like we have so much in common, including our battle with mental health. Sonja dealt with postpartum anxiety.  She struggled with this for both postpartum experiences but didn’t receive a diagnosis until after the birth of her second baby. Postpartum anxiety is not written about as often as postpartum depression. After her diagnosis, Sonja was able to get on medication that allowed her to fight the anxiety and be a happy, healthy mama for her family. If you are going through this now, have gone through it before, or know someone that is fighting this battle I encourage you to read Sonja’s post. She will leave you feeling hopeful.

Real Talk: Getting a Diagnosis of Postpartum Anxiety


Em is a former corporate employee. The fashion company she was employed at downsized greatly in 2016. After leaving the corporate world, Em went into freelancing and that gave her the opportunity to fall in love with traveling. Traveling was an old passion of Em’s that was re-lit after leaving the corporate atmosphere. Em’s blog focuses on her love of travel, the memories she has made, and the strangers that turned into friends. Em is inspiring because she also had her struggle with mental illness. She was diagnosed with social anxiety, dealing with low self-esteem, an eating disorder, and depression. Em shares a beautiful story about how traveling helped her battle. Please, check out Em’s blog. It will leave you inspired and feeling like you traveled the world, while never leaving home.

Hi,I’m Em!


Seema Khan has such a talent as a storyteller. Seema calls her blog The Qelem, which means a pen. The goal of her blog is to inspire her readers to take charge of their lives, by improving on their physical and emotional well-being. Like myself, Seema wants to bring awareness to mental health, and other issues that plague our society today. Seema’s post about suicide and depression is shared through the point of view of a woman named  Fareeda. Seema has a unique twist of sharing awareness about suicide. I found myself drawn in and really felt for the character. If you are currently going through depression, having suicidal thoughts, or know of someone in the midst of this battle please share this story.

Thoughts and Prayers


Aaliyah Holt’s blog focuses on photography, travel, lifestyle, comedy, mental health, and gaming. Aaliyah has two channels on YouTube, one is a vlog which she uses to raise awareness on mental health. In a recent blog post, Aaliyah talks about how she lost a friend because of her own anxiety. It gives you an interesting perspective on how we need to be more understanding of someone. We might not have any idea what a person is going through, so we need to remember to be kind. Aaliyah is very inspiring and gives advice on what helps with her anxiety. I commend her on her bravery and wish her the best of luck when it comes to her battle with anxiety. She will leave you feeling inspired.

I Lost a Friend Because of my Anxiety


Candice lives in Waikiki, Western Australia with her husband and two kids. Candice’s blog is full of inspiration and knowledge. She writes about topics that most moms would completely understand. I read her blog and I literally whisper, “yes” in agreement. She shares stories about parenting, weight gain after baby, how to find your happy, and she recently wrote a post about living with anxiety. She lived with anxiety most of her life but didn’t know exactly what was going on or what to call how she was feeling. Her anxiety got really bad in her mid-twenties and she finally found the word to describe how she had been feeling for most of her life. Anxiety. I invite you to let Candice share her story with you, it won’t leave you disappointed. You are not alone.

Living With Anxiety


Farheen Shafiq has a degree in electrical engineering. Farheen’s blog is dedicated to personal development. Her blog is full of inspiration with articles on mental illness. She writes about loneliness, social acceptance, how to say no and she personally turned her biggest disappointment and depressional phase into a catalyst for motivation. Farheen writes with a sense of rawness and you can realize, each word is well thought out and written with full of heart. I love this fact about her writing because I like to say that I leave a little piece of my heart in everything I write. Farheen inspires me. We come from completely different walks of life, but writing connects us, bridges that gap. I invite you to check out her posts.

Loneliness: Desperate Need to Repair YOURSELF

Is SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE that much necessary?

Learn to Say No

How I’d turned MY BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT into my biggest motivation


My recent post about my attempted suicide is something that wasn’t easy for me to share, but I am so pleased with what has come of it. I have ‘met’ so many people and connected with people from all walks of life, but our personal battles with mental illness bridge that gap. We are all human. By sharing my post, and talking to so many about my experience and their experiences, I am again reminded that I am not alone. I have news for you, reader, you aren’t alone either. You are loved. You are worthy. Keep living. Keep fighting.

Lots of Love.

My Darkest Hour: Helping Others Find The Light


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 


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