December 3: What Makes Me Happy?

December Challenge 1

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” -Abraham Lincoln

“Learn to value yourself, which means: fight for your happiness.” -Ayn Rand

December 3 – Create a list of all the things that made you happy this year.

As you know, I have decided to take part in the 31-Day Blog Challenge. December 3 stopped me in my tracks a bit. For a moment (again…like the previous post, I felt myself taking a few steps back) can I really come up with a list? I want to give a shout out to Linda Jean for creating this challenge list. Thank you for forcing me to reevaluate my year and truly test what I believe. The irony isn’t lost on me. I created a blog with the theme of “finding inspiration in the chaos.” Well, it is time to pony up. Am I doing what I am trying to sale to my readers? 🙂 Yes, I am ❤ So (drumroll please)…

All the things that made me happy this year:

  • God
  • My Family
  • My Boys
  • Hearing Nikola and Sagan playing in their room. ❤
  • Ben
  • Starting my blog (THIS BLOG!!) ❤
  • Writing
  • My first comment on my new blog!
  • Breakfast for dinner
  • When pumpkin spice came back!
  • Me losing 18 pounds!
  • My friends
  • Connecting with a friend from junior high!
  • Food delivery (other than pizza) when I didn’t feel like cooking
  • Finding a family recipe for pecan pie 🙂
  • Making the pecan pie from the family recipe (turned out SO good)
  • Watching Hocus Pocus! Always makes me feel like Fall/Halloween is really here!
  • Watching the Hocus Pocus: 25 years Celebration on TV (made me feel a little old)
  • My little boys dressing up as characters from the original Ghostbusters movie! (Proud Parenting Win!)


  • My oldest started pre-k this year!
  • My oldest turned 5!
  • Watching all the Santa Clause (Tim Allen) and Home Alone Movies with Nikola! He loves them as much as I do.
  • Watching the Grinch (old school cartoon) with Sagan and watching him laugh. ❤
  • Putting up a new Christmas tree from my Granny and Pappy (mixed emotions about this one)
  • Paying off our truck!
  • Deciding that we will try for Baby #3 (and our last) starting next summer! ❤
  • Moving the boys into their own room! Together! With all their toys! They love it!
  • First fire in our fireplace.
  • New Lap Top
  • New Wash Machine (Moms will totally get this) 😉
  • Rewatching the entire season of Numbers on Hulu
  • Joy By For King and Country
  • Bubble bath without the boys banging on the door
  • Chik-fil-A
  • Any small amounts of “me time” that I can get!
  • Making cookies and Rice Krispie treats with my boys.
  • Yoga

December Challenge 3

  • Good coffee
  • Getting into a bed with clean, fresh sheets
  • When my boys let me sleep past 7:00 (we are usually up by 5 or 5:30)
  • Finding just the right pair of yoga pants
  • Finding just the right pair of boots
  • Buying shirts and pants 2 sizes smaller than last year!
  • Going through our storage building. Trashing, donating, and reorganizing!
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup from Chik-fil-A
  • Showing my son how to give back to others. Pay it forward! It has been a huge discussion for us this year.
  • Watching how much my son is learning from his first year in school.
  • Watching my boys dance to the Ghostbusters song in our living room.
  • Watching Nikola teach his little brother something.

This was a great reminder that maybe I had a few big things that made me sad this year, but all these little things carry bigger weight where it counts. ❤

December Challenge 2

What made you happy this year?

“For unto us a child is born, unto us, a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” -Isaiah 9:6



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