Grown-Up Christmas List December Series, Part 4

Christmas List 1

“Do you remember me
I sat upon your knee
I wrote to you with childhood fantasies
Well I’m all grown up now
And still need help somehow
I’m not a child but my heart still can dream
So here’s my lifelong wish
My grown-up Christmas list
Not for myself but for a world in need
No more lives torn apart
That wars would never start
And time would heal all hearts
And everyone would have a friend
And right would always win
And love would never end, no
This is my grown-up Christmas list
As children, we believe
The grandest sight to see
Was something lovely wrapped beneath the tree
But Heaven only knows
That packages and bows
Can never heal a heart ached human soul”
-My Grown Up Christmas List, Kelly Clarkson
Christmas Tree and Child

I thought it would be fun to open up this question to fellow bloggers, friends, and family.  For my fellow bloggers, I included links to their blogs. Check them out! 🙂 Here are some more of their Christmas wishes. <3  Part 4…

“Fun: Have all my kids home for Christmas (they are scattered all over the globe) Serious: Rain for 30 days straight in California!” –

“An all-expense paid family trip to Scotland or Ireland or both. LOL.” –

“A Purple Mattress (have inflammatory issues, and a comfortable mattress would make a WORLD of a difference). A weighted blanket (40-50lbs, the weight of my sweet BB who used to compress my legs to help me sleep). A quality computer that I can store my photos on and do photo editing, sketching, and video making on… all kinds of crafty stuff. ALLLLL the bakeware and decorating supplies! More Vionics (orthopedic shoes). I have a crazy purple pair and they don’t match all my outfits. I’d specifically like a pair of the black ballet flats. An Audubon membership so we can start taking family days to the Aquarium and Zoo again. All the Hobby Lobby gift cards. Those are the realistic ones. I’d also like a visit with my Nonni. Show her her great grandbabies.” -Kimmie

“If I could ask for anything for Christmas and money didn’t matter or anything like that, it would be a greenhouse (and somewhere to put it)! Right now, I live many floors up in an apartment building, so balcony gardening is about what I can do. I would love to have a little space to put a green house so I could grow veggies all year round. That’s the dream! ☺️” –

“What I want for Christmas is to invite old friends over, have a house party, do some fun activities and talk about the little things we used to do during our childhood days. I don’t think there’s something exciting as this😃. It will be fun!” –Bold Nerds

“Something fun I would have on my list is a spa getaway just for me and the Hubs would watch the kids for the weekend. I also could use a new iPhone! :)” –

“One of my wishes is a pedometer. Also memories of great times with my family.” –

“I’ll go with a week of massages and sleep surrounded by trees and nature!” –

Tree Bells

“There is only one thing I want for Christmas. It is to enjoy a weekend away with my little family to one of the most well-known resorts here in Fiji and actually experience for myself the paradise/ peaceful side of this country that tourists are obsessed about.” –The Pacific Mommy

“Fun: Spa weekend getaway. I love my kids but this momma hasn’t had a day to herself in what seems like an eternity. OR an all expense paid trip to Disney for a week with the family. Serious: A paid trip to our DYRK1A Meet-up in Seattle next year. I want to meet our small community of DYRK1A kiddos!” –Failure to Thrive No More

“My wish would be for our sweet granddaughter’s adoption to be final. She’s already ours, but the gift of finality would be a Christmas we would never forget!” –  and Grand-Daughter’s Story

“Mine would be a publisher for my first book 🙂and the opportunity to see the new “Mary Poppins!” –Traces of Faith

“Top of my list would be that God provides a Christian spouse for my son as He did for my daughter. And that He works in a big way to end the legacy of divorce in my family with my two children.” –Journey to Him

“My wish is the same as last have ALL of my 7 kids (plus the grandkids) here for Christmas, have a great time, and get a picture of all 7 grown kids together. It ALMOST happened last year, but one got anxiety at the crowded house and left before I could get a picture. ❤️” –Cookies and Curse Words

“What I Want For Christmas? The holidays have always been a very special time of year for my family. This Christmas I simply want a Merry Christmas day with my family. I want us all to enjoy a scrumptious meal, active conversation and lots of board games after dinner! If any wish could be granted to me it would be a few precious hours with my mother and grandmother in heaven. For my family to all be there to enjoy them and to be able to be with those who have gone on that we all love so much.” –Creative Touches Celebrations

“I would love a weekend away with my husband at a winery or someplace with a really cute walkable downtown, where we can sleep through the night!!! That and new gym clothes. Super boring, I know!” –Outrageously Orange Elizabeth

“I would love a drama-free Christmas shared with family and friends. Ideally with a focus on being together and enjoying the moment and somehow NOT focussing on the presents, toys, and stuff! In fact, I’d love a present-free Christmas.” –

“I wish I could have my whole family together in one place for Christmas and New Year. We all are scattered throughout the world. My two sisters live across the ocean from me – one in England, another in Armenia. My parents are also in Armenia. Miss them all so much. I’d trade having them all together for just one day on Christmas for all the gifts…” –Pomegranate Mom

“I would love a trip with my family! I absolutely love traveling and my kids have finally reached the age that they enjoy it too!” –Moms Best 10

It Is Well

“The most precious thing I have to give is my time.” -Silvia Hartmann


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