Dating After Divorce: 9 Signs You Are Ready

Dating After Divorce

“Instead of saying, “I’m damaged, I’m broken, I have trust issues” say “I’m healing, I’m rediscovering myself, I’m starting over.” –Horacio Jones “It’s never too late to start over!” –Lynne Gentry **I originally posted this on October 19, 2011. So dating? What fun? I have been out of the dating race for almost 8 years now. That happens when you […]

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Living in Constant Fear

**I originally posted this on January 6, 2012. Written: September 23, 2011 “Waiting for the other shoe to drop” means to await an event that is expected to happen, due to being causally linked to another event that has already been observed, according to the Urban Dictionary. Fellow divorcees, did you feel like you were living in constant fear after […]

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Dating: Not For The Faint at Heart

**I originally posted this on October 19, 2011. I find this so hilarious! I hated dating and I’m so glad that I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Written August 23, 2011 “Dating is pressure and tension. What is a date, really, but a job interview that lasts all night?”  -Jerry Seinfeld “After a while, you just want to […]

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What the Hell?!?!

**I originally posted this on October 2, 2011. This was about my first marriage and it’s worth sharing with people going through a divorce. In life, there are moments where you can’t help but stop, look up, look around, take a deep breath, and ever so sweetly ask yourself and all who might be listening, “WHAT THE HELL?!” Maybe I […]

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