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Hello everyone! I’m Koral Dawn, a social media manager and marketing professional from Washington, USA. No, not Washington, DC; the other Washington on the west coast by California! You can find my blog here. But if you prefer to find me elsewhere, my Instagram is where I spend most of my time: @willowedawn

I’ve been recently going through some rough times with depression and anxiety after being laid off from my job that I moved 2800 miles away from home for. I had less than 24 hours’ notice that I didn’t have a job, and my manager didn’t even know until I did, about 10 minutes before. I think you’d be a little off if you were in my situation as well. Things could be worse… we all say that.

To make this story even more unfortunate, the following day, we were supposed to have our inspection of our new home that we had put an offer in on and actually won. We had to back out of everything. No more house, no more mortgage approval, almost lost our earnest money we had put down because we really wanted that home… nothing. Everything was gone, and we had to make a decision to stop the home buying because we didn’t know where we were going to be in a week, let alone 3 months.


Most days we spent it in bed after this happened. Laying there. Tired, unable to move. No motivation to really get up and do anything for a good solid 2 weeks. We didn’t know what to do. We had a planned vacation back home to PA coming up in 3 weeks, and no one was going to want to hire us if we were leaving for almost 2 weeks to spend with family. We were going to have to wait until we came back from that to really start the hunt for jobs. At that point, I was the most miserable person of myself that I have ever been.

Fast forward to now, I have not landed a job yet with an employer, however, my fiancé has. He finally got a call for a job interview and is now selling cars at the Ford dealer a few towns over and is so far winning at it. So the good news is we can stay in WA for now… and hopefully buy a home next year instead. It’s a little more complicated since we’ll be married by then but that’s okay – we’ll work it out! Keep On Reading!!

Good for the Soul…

“Clearing clutter—be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual—brings about ease and inspires a sense of peace, calm, and tranquility.” -Laurie Buchanan, PhD

“You’re the boss of clutter, not the other way around.” –Monika Kristofferson

“Having too much of anything results in chaos, confusion, and clutter.” –Geralin Thomas

Today, I woke up feeling like I needed to let go. I wasn’t sure of what. I just felt this urgency to let go. With everything going on in my life this year, I have felt so weighed down. I feel like I have had no control over anything. I was sitting on my couch, watching Hoarders (which might have had something to do with it. HA!), and I decided I was going to go through our storage building, throw away or donate, reorganize the boxes, and make sure they were all labeled. Keep On Reading!

September: National Suicide Prevention Month


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Recently, I wrote a post about my personal attempt at suicide when I was 15 years old. I was humbled by the responses. I had many people reach out to me and tell me their stories or invite me to their blogs to learn about their struggles with mental health. This inspired me to create a list of bloggers that have personal experience with mental health and they want to share their stories and bloggers that have coping mechanisms that help them and they want to share them with you to help you in your time of need. Whether you are going through depression right now, deep down the whole of OCD, dealing with an eating disorder, already on the side of recovery and light… matter where you are on your path of mental illness, I pray you find what you need here. Help is the answer. The longer you stay quiet, stay in the darkness, the harder it is to dig yourself out. Seek the light. You are loved. You are not alone. 

With prayer, faith, hope, and lots of love I would like to introduce you to my friends. 🙂 Keep On Reading!

Eleanor Catalina’s Story


Would I Be Me, Without My Mental Illness?

Eleanor Catalina asks herself this very question in her recent blog post about her personal experience with mental illness. As some of you know, I recently shared my personal story about my attempted suicide when I was 15 years old. September is National Suicide Prevention Month. Eleanor Catalina, with her beautiful soul, reached out to me about featuring each other’s work on our perspective blogs. We both have the same goal in mind, which is to spread awareness about mental illness.

One of my favorite parts in Eleanor’s post is when she states, so bravely, “I’m Eleanor Catalina and I have Mental Illnesses.” I had chills when I read this the first time. I know how much courage it takes to state that, especially for the world to see. She is courageous, brave, loving, and kind. I Keep On Reading!